How Do You Become Rich In A Poor Country?

How do you get rich in a poor country? Some believe that people living in poor countries are destined to be poor.  After all poor countries are characterized by many negatives.  No job, rampant corruption and a population with little or no money.  When you see a rich person in …

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10 Reasons Why Real Estate Investment Is the Best

Let’s talk about real estate investment.  Some experts advice that investing in real estate is a bad idea.  They reason that properties don’t have the kind of liquidity that assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds have.  They also reason that Investing in real estates requires huge capital outlay.  And …

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7 Ways to Find and Evaluate Stock to Buy

Knowing what stock to buy and when to buy it is an important skill every investor should have but one which many lack.  In other words, not many people who invest in the stock market  know how to find and evaluate stocks.  And this is the reason most people lose …

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