Best 10 Profitable Businesses to start with 10000 Naira In Nigeria:

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These days many people want to start a business.  But they are often constrained by two factors:  the challenge of deciding on the kind of business to start and the difficulty in raising the needed capital.  What if I told you that there are lucrative and profitable businesses you can start with 10000 Naira in Nigeria? 

Will you be interested?

Today, I will be sharing with you 10 profitable businesses to start with 10000 Naira and still make tons of money in Nigeria.  These businesses are common, hence people look down on them.  Even you who are reading this post must have seen and communized people doing some of these businesses.

But you know?  Treasures are often found in the unusual places.  So it is with these businesses I am about to share with you here.  If you are feeling low or thinking that people will be looking down on you because of the business you do, remember that it could be expensive to despise little beginning.

Aliko Dangote started small just like you are about to. The business that you started with small capital today may turn out to be the Goose that lays the golden egg for your generation.

Now let’s look at the best 10 profitable business to start with 10000 Naira In Nigeria with potential of generating high profit for you.

#1.  Sale of Pure Water

Selling of pure water is now one of the daily income business in Nigeria that people are moving into currently because of the huge profit in it.

Even with N5,000 you can start this business and still make enough gain. To start this business you need to look for where you will be keeping the pure water (storage facility).  Don’t worry you certainly don’t need a warehouse for this.  The balcony of your apartment can effectively serve as your storage place.  

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Then look for a pure water production company near you and call them so that they can always deliver the water to you at factory price.  You mark up the price and supply to retail stores and households around you.

#2. Selling of foodstuffs

This is one of the fastest booming businesses anyone can start with 10,000 Naira in Nigeria that is capable of making you rich. Everybody purchase foodstuffs almost every day from the market. If you can start this business with at least N10,000 you might make times three of the money invested within a week.

#3. Selling Recharge Cards

This is a business that people take common but very profitable. The way people are recharging card every day in Nigeria is unbelievable.

Trust me even you that is reading this article has probably bought recharge card today in other to make call or subscribe to data.

You can recharge more than N1,000 MTN or Airtel card today and still hoping to recharge more, trust me you can be earning more than N10,000 everyday as profit from the business of selling recharge card or airtime vending depending on location.

#4. Private Tutorial

You do not need much money to start this business.  All you just need to do is to rent a small space where your students or pupil can gather at agreed time to learn.

You can be teaching those preparing for exams like WAEC, JAMB or NECO. Or you can even be teaching little kids helping them do their assignment.  If you are able to turn your pupils’ current grade around, your reputation will soar in your neighbourhood.   Parents will begin to seek for you and will be ready to pay you very high.

I have seen some lesson teachers that charge as much as 20,000 Naira per child per month.  Assuming you have 10 pupils, that is 200,000 naira per month in pure earnings.

#5. Car wash business

This business does not require much things to start.  You just need only a space that is close to the stream or any water source that is good for washing.

Buy detergents and necessary things needed, advertise your business in your neighbourhood and see how it will be moving.  Just make sure that almost all your customers are satisfied with your service.

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#6. Selling Vegetables

This business is hot cake as we say it in Nigeria.  This means that it is very lucrative  and you can start with 10,000 Naira.  You may see it as something for the poor.  But go ask those women in your neighbourhood.  You will be amazed at what they are achieving with vegetable farming.

You rent a fertile land, cultivate the vegetable and once it grow you harvest it and carry it to the market and make your cash.

It is the business that looks low, not the money

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With sound money management practice, you can reinvest your profits in other businesses and soon create a conglomerate.  Some people have done it; starting very little to grow global brands. Have you ever ask your self how did Otedola, Ibeto and other great business men in Nigeria started?

Most of started very small, some in businesses that others despised.  

#7.  Event Planning

This might be your first time to see this, just calm down and understand how it works. Most great event in Nigeria are planed by the event planners.  They understand strategic ways to plan event.

 As an even planner you can be called by any one from anywhere to help them plan their event.  It can be wedding, company AGM, etc.  Your job as an event planner is to make the necessary arrangement to ensure that the event is a success.

You are more or less a consultant.  And the only money you will spend in this business is money for advert only.

#8. Scrap business

This business does not require much to start but you can start it with at least 10,000 Naira. But, what is this business all about?

Scrap business is the buying and selling of waste products like, bottle, iron, metals etc.

This business is capable of giving you N20,000 profits from what you bought N5,000. This business is what many people in Nigeria can’t do because they see it as dirty.  Believe me, waste business is the new oil money in Nigeria currently.

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#9. Selling goat meat

Trust me; selling goat meat is one of the profitable businesses to start with 10000 Naira.  Why? Goat meat has taken over cow meat. People now buy goat meat more in Nigeria.  Apart from taste, many believe that eating goat meat is healthier.

Trust me you do not have to rub a bank before you can start this lucrative business. With at least 10,000 Naira you can buy one goat for a start.  You don’t also have to slaughter the goats.  There are specialists in your local markets that are ever ready to do it for you for a small charge.

Buy the goats, have it slaughtered; then take to your store, refrigerate it and sell.  Develop your market by supplying your neatly processed and packaged goat meat to the middle class and wealthy families in your neighbourhood.

#10. Writing business

If I tell you that you can earn money online without spending a dime you may not believe me.  But trust me in this business all you the expense you may have to incur is on data subscription.

But you need a writing skill, for you to get started. Writing is one of the high income skills you can learn easily and make so much money with.

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You can register on a platform like fiver.  Advertise your work on the platform and you will see people that will be requesting for you to write for them.

You may also be writing for blogs and getting paid right from the comfort of your home.

In Conclusion

Here you have it; 10 Profitable Businesses to Start with 10000 Naira.  These businesses listed above are not the only profitable business to start with 10000 Naira in Nigeria.  There are are many more.  And with a little environmental scanning you will identify them.

I hope you derived value from this article?

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