10 Sure Ways to Make Money in 2021 and Beyond

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2021 is in its second half.  How did you fare in the first half in terms of your money making goals.  If you didn’t fare well because you didn’t really know what to do to make money, then you have the opportunity now.  In this article, I shall show you 10 sure ways to make money in 2021 and beyond. 

You will be shocked how ordinary folks are smiling to the bank simply by doing these legitimate things I highlight here.

#1           Crypto

Take note, I wrote Crypto, not crypto currency.    I am very deliberate here because Crypto is much more than bitcoin or the other motley of crypto currency out there that you probably know.  Yes, crypto currency in itself is still hot and can be the easiest way to make money now and in the next decade.  Just buy a few bitcoin or entherium or a fraction of it and keep for the next 5 years and you are sure to become a millionaire.

But like I implied, it gets even bigger when you consider the entire block chain.  Get a bit techy and diversify into Smart Contracts, Delfi, Oracles and Infrastructure projects.  Experts recommends Uniswap, Polkadot, Cardano, Chainlink, etc.

#2           Stocks

Trading and/or investing in stocks remain very fundamental in in wealth building.  Don’t worry if you are not cut out for all that technical and fundamental analysis.  Begin with mutual funds and leave the fund managers to worry about all that charts and graphs.  If you have a bit of money, explore index funds.  Start with the S&P 500 and you see you are able to make money in a more sustainable manner over a long term.

You are savvier and have a bit of knowledge?  Try leverage trading. It’s all about buying stocks on credit, so to say. It is riskier but can grow your money faster.  If leverage trading appeals to you and you want to know more, go read it all up here.

#3           Trade Forex

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange Market.  It is also abbreviated to Fx Market by investment bankers and expert traders.

The forex is simply a system of buying and selling of currencies.  Money facilitates global trades and international currencies need to be exchanged for local ones to be able to purchase goods and services in faraway lands.

The forex market is the most liquid market in the world, moving transactions that is estimated to worth about 7 trillion US Dollars every single day.  Forex trading is largely done online and anyone can explore the market these days.

You can start to trade forex in very simple steps: Get the knowledge, choose a broker and open a brokerage account, experiment with demo account, thereafter fund your live account and start trading.  There are tools available to help you achieve success, use them.   Ordinary folks are using these tools to make insane money from the fx market.

#4           Buy Property

Investment property is arguably the best way to hedge against inflation.  In addition, there are lot of advantages that come with holding property investment. Over the long term, it offers the highest return over all other traditional asset class.  It also provides you with regular cash flow.

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is many fold.  As government all around the world take steps to reflate the economy by printing money, prices of goods and services are on the increase.  Meanwhile, property prices are falling due to low demand.

If you have the cash or can raise it anyhow, do so and buy property now.  When the general price level stabilizes, you discover you’ve got a lifelong cash flow,

What kind of property should you be buying? Those that can be used as home offices or small offices.  Reason is that after all these Covid-19 Pandemic war, many small businesses will spring up and many people will work from home.  Such properties will then thrive.

#5           Transportation

Transportation services has always being profitable ventures and will boom even more post pandemic.  People will move about and you will be filling the need by providing the means for them.

Buy a couple of cars if you can, get drivers and register the cars with Uber or similar services.  You will be helping to create job for the drivers while making a lot of money from your venture.

#6           Peer to Peer Lending

People will always need money for different purposes: meet emergencies, take advantage of emerging opportunities, pay school fees, pay rent, etc.  If you have a bit of cash, why not lend it and earn good percentage returns.

No, you need not be a formal money lender or loan shark.  There are a lot of things you need to do to become a formal money lender.

Rather use the many peer-to-peer lending platforms around.  Register with the platform and get matched with borrowers. The platform acts like the clearing house, ensuring discipline and avoiding delinquency.  Before you lend, endeavor to review and understand the project you are funding. 

#7           Become a Farmer

Agriculture is booming and there are lot of opportunities in the value chain.  Grow vegetables, cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, etc.  These things are easy to grow and in very high demand.  You will sell out from the farm gate and soon begin to get a lot off takers.

#8           Teach Online

Do you have a high income skill, like coding, digital marketing, financial analysis, etc?  Or you have succeeded in an endeavor to made you a lot of money such as blogging, smart retailing, selling on e-bay, etc. There are more people who will like to learn from you and pay you for doing so.  Teach them. 

You need not set up physical classes.  Who want to attend brick and mortar classes these days to learn?  With zoom and so many other platform, you can set your virtual class room and teach people the skill you know.

Teaching online will boom even more in the post covid-19 pandemic economy.  Explore the emerging opportunity to create value and earn lot of money.

#9           Invest in some else business as a silent partner

There are so many small businesses that need cash to scale.  But they may not be open to having someone pry at what they do. They want to remain in control.  Such business people are happy to have you become a silent partner.

This means that you will invest your money in the business but take no part in its running.  You share in the profit which can be much if the business is doing well.

Protect your investment by having the agreement formalized and legalized.  Spell out the terms and ensure your investment is properly secured.  If well done, you are on your way of becoming an informal venture capitalist by providing funding a couple of small businesses. You can become choosy by investing only in industries or sectors that you understand.

#10         Monetize your audience

Becoming an influencer is increasingly a means of making money online these days.  Even offline.  If you one thing that you know how to do well and you are able to amass a large number of audience following your youtube channel, or Facebook page or twitter account, you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.

You can monetize your large following with product endorsement, advert placement and promos.  Have you noticed how comedians insert promo codes on comedy clips to upload on their platforms?  The companies or service providers whose products they promote pay them seriously for doing that simple thing.

However, creating a platform takes a lot of time and hard work but once you get it going, it becomes a money making machine.  Think of an idea, possibly what you are very good at and create an online platform and start producing content that creates value in that niche. 

You will soon start to have a decent amount of followers who look forward to your content every week, every month or every day, depending on your content calendar.  Soon they will get large enough for you to monetize.

Your medium can either be text, video or podcast.  If you prefer writing, start a blog, if video, create a youtube channel and if you like talking, do podcasting.

Here you have it: my top 10 picks on how to make money in 2021 and beyond.  Share your thoughts and let’s know what other ways we can grow income in post pandemic era.



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