10 Ways to Make Money This Christmas Season

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Celebrated in about 160 countries, Christmas is arguably the most celebrated festival in the world.  Though a Christian rite observed in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christmas season has a universal appeal. Its universal appeal stems from the fact that the period coincides with the end of the year when social engagements are at their peak.

End of year is usually packed with activities – companies hold retreats and strategy sessions for the coming year, individuals take vacations and travel around the world, social organizations hold dinners, town unions organize a get-together to end the year, fun seekers attend parties, music shows, cinemas, children go to fun parks, etc.

All these activities create demand for products and services, some of which are unique to the season.  Thus, it is a time for business minded people and savvy entrepreneurs to make money.  If you are resourceful, you will found that there are quite a lot of small but lucrative businesses you can do this season to make good money even if you have very little investment capital.

In this post, I give an over view of some of these businesses. Think through all the seasonal activities in your area and decide to offer a value that will reward you in return with cash.

#1. Corporate Gift Items –  Make money this festive season by supplying branded items such as wrist watches, key holders, card holders, pen, pen trays, flash drives, mugs, and even mobile phones.  Many companies need these items at year-end as gifts to their customs and for relationship management. building.  Get some catalogs, prepare your proposals and start visiting the Corporate Services departments of companies for business.  Add a little bit of branding and you are in good business.

#2.  Gift Baskets –   Gift baskets or hampers are common sites in Christmas seasons.  Both individuals and corporate organizations give out gift baskets or hampers as they are commonly called.  Get creative with the content of your basket, promote it using the social media or advertise on ecommerce sites like jiji and olx and you will be amazed at the demand.

A well-packaged hamper with common items like beverages, food items, and gift items can be sold for as much as N30,000 per basket while baskets with more luxury items can be sold for as much as N50,000. Get creative to make your baskets unique. In this wise, consider including light pieces of art or have a niche.

#3. Printing and Graphic Design – If you are skilled in graphic design, this is the time to make money.  Market your skills to organizations to design and print their calendars, diaries, and branded gift items this Christmas. Partner with a printer to handle the printing side of the business while you take charge of the design of artworks and sourcing of clients.

#4. Be an Event Planner – As highlighted in earlier paragraphs, during Christmas and end of year seasons, there a lot of events organized by corporate bodies, associations, groups, and individuals. Many need help with the organization of these events and this is where you can come in.  Become the event planner.  An event planner is one who coordinates all aspects of important occasions like wedding, corporate meetings, conferences, business conventions.  The role of an event planner is wide and may range from sourcing locations, preparing it for the event, hiring and managing ushers, transportation, and logistics to decoration, food, and entertainment.

#5. Rental business – Rental business is becoming popular in major cities due to the frenzy of activities that take place every weekend.  These activities are even more during Christmas periods.  Many things are needed for such gatherings where people need to be catered for.  Things like canopies, plastic chairs, tables, decorative items, clothes, plates, plates, and cutleries.  It doesn’t end with these.  There are a lot of items you can rent out.  This is business is lucrative and runs all year round. What more, you can start with a small amount of money and increase your rental items as you grow in the business.

#6. Mobile DJ Services – A Disc Jockey of DJ as is commonly called is one who plays recorded music to a live audience, parties, and events. All you need to be a DJ is your enthusiasm, knowledge of songs to for different audience, age groups, and occasions, a collection of music and equipment that can easily fit into a vehicle.  You are mobile because you move from place to place where your services are needed.

The important equipment you will need include a laptop loaded with collection of music (new and old), speakers, turn tables, MP3 players, mixers, amplifiers, headphones and microphones.

Advertise your services by word of mouth in your neighborhood, print flyers.

#7. Organize Shows

Your show will sell very well if you are able to get at least one musician whose song is popular.  The amount of money you charge for the show will also depend on the caliber of artists you have.  Add some side attractions like acrobatic displays, and your shows will be talked about for some time.

These shows can either be indoor or outdoor.  Outdoor shows can be held in beaches, open spaces and beautiful parks.

#8. Start a mini poultry – For many, chicken is to Christmas what rams are to Eid el Fitr, that period of time Muslims slaughter rams to mark the end of Ramadan.

All you need for this business is a wooden constructed chicken coop (any carpenter can construct it for you), buy broiler chicks and start feeding them.  If you start in say, September to feed the chicks, by December you would have mature chickens to sell at very good prices.

Another way you can do this business is to buy already grown broilers from poultry farms and resell with a good margin.  If you buy plenty, you will be given some quantity discount and that will increase your profits.

#9. Sell Ice Blocks – Ice block making and selling is a lucrative business in Nigeria for three major reasons – the tropical climate with hot weather most of periods of the year, electricity supply is epileptic making it challenging for many families to refrigerate their drinks at home  and finally, the population of the country is large and still growing so the demand for cold drinks will continue to grow.

During Christmas and end of year period when many social activities take place, the demand for ice blocks are even higher.  Not many people can afford chilling vehicles, so you will always have market to supply your ice block.

You can start in your home by converting your existing deep freezer, fill cellphone bags with water and get them frozen to blocks.  Your major investment at this stage may be a good  3 – 5 kva generator to power your freezer and start by selling to people around your neighborhood.

#10. Use your social media handle to sell – This Christmas, rather than engage in frivolities with your facebook handle, why not convert it to your online shop and begin to sell Christmas items like customized T-shirts, face caps, mugs, pens, notepads, gift wraps or children items like Santa cap, and toys.

All you need do is to arrange with local stores that sell these items add a margin to the items, use your social media handle to promote them, get the orders and let the store owners deliver and pay you your commission.  It’s all clean profit, your investment being the time you spent promoting your business.

The list is not exhaustive.  Other items that sell like wide fire in Christmas time include bags of rice, children clothing, fireworks, Christmas lights, amongst many others.   Whatever your interest is, think through it properly, map out your strategy and decide to make your Christmas a profitable one.

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