12 Lucrative Business Ideas for Stay At Home Moms In Nigeria

business ideas for stay at home moms
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Business Ideas for stay at home moms!

It always feels good that even as a stay at home mom or a full time housewife as Africans call it, you can foot your bills and assist your husband in meeting household expenses.  One of the most veritable ways to start making extra money as a mom, is to engage in a profitable small business, paticulary one sutiable for women.

But you definitely need to synthesize ideas to be able to start a business.  And in this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you 12  business ideas for stay at home moms.  If you have always wanted to start a business as a non-working mother, here are some lucrative ideas to consider.  Review these ideas, conduct your research, make the necessary investments and start making money with any of these business ideas.

Startup Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms In Nigeria

Some of these businesses require special skills while others may not.  The interesting thing however, is that you don’t need to break the bank before you can start it since most of them require a little start-up capital.

Here are 12 businesses you can start as a stay at home:

1. Tailoring Business

Tailoring business is one of the most profitable businesses that you can start as a stay at home mom in Nigeria. If you’re fashion-oriented and you derive joy in sewing clothes, then tailoring business is a good option to consider. Tailoring involves producing, repairing, altering and sewing clothes.

Since clothing is among the basic needs of man, tailoring business has continued to be a very lucrative business because as the population increases so the number of people that opt for the services of tailors increase.

To become a professional tailor, you need to be skillful and updated with the current trends as it concerns the fashion & design industry so that you can learn the new style of sewing and incorporate it into your business.

Interestingly, tailoring business is inexpensive hence you can start the business without breaking the bank. To start a tailoring business, you will need tools like scissors, needles, sewing thread, sewing machine and other tools.

2. Interior Decorating (Decoration)

The core role of an interior designer is to give a facelift to homes, halls, worship centers etc by decorating with different alluring materials.  If you are passionate about good looking homes, you can easily turn your passion to a money making machine by setting up in interior decorating business.

Fortunately, getting the skill is pretty easy, you can get it from Youtube channel or better still, I would advise you enroll for six month training so that you will be able to get the skill and the needed knowledge.

3. Open A Daycare Center

Every mom is used to taking care of children hence opening a daycare center where you will take care of children won’t be a tedious task for any Nigerian mom.

The primary role of a babysitting mom is to look after the children under her care. Interestingly, unlike other startup businesses that require a skill to get started, daycare centers don’t require special technique.  However, patience and affection are key ingredients for success in this business.  And as a mother, you may have developed these attributes naturally from dealing with your children

To start a daycare center, you will need to get the necessary permit from relevant authority like ministry of women affairs or other related agencies to ensure smooth operation with interference from government.

4. Make-up Artistry And Skincare

If you’re passionate about adding extra beauty to ladies with the magic of make-up, then becoming a make-up artist and offering skincare service won’t be a bad option for you.

As a lady, you know that a greater percentage of your folks derive utmost happiness from make-up to show off hence the make-up business is very lucrative. So, as a stay at home mom, you can take advantage of this high demand for this service and start the make-up business.

Interestingly, the startup capital is not huge hence you can start with a little amount of money and scale up your business with time. Since the make-up artistry business is a bit competitive, it is best to get the needed expertise and flow with trends so that you can outsmart your competitors.

5. Event Planning Business

Event planning is a highly recommended business idea for a stay at home mom.  One advantage of this business is that it is stress free and not time consuming, so you can take your time to plan events for people from the comfort of your home.

Event planning business is one of the most inexpensive businesses to venture into because it requires very little startup capital. However, one of the major setbacks of this business in Nigeria is that it only flourish in populated and developed cities like Lagos state, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Hence, there is a high probability that this business may not survive in village areas and less populated states in Nigeria.

To make your event planning business visible, you can print flyers and share to people to create awareness about your services.

6. Catering Business

If you can offer any catering services, then consider starting up a catering business. This business is highly profitable in Nigeria because their services are needed by all and sundry. A caterer is needed in different events like wedding anniversary, birthday celebration, wedding ceremony and many other related events.

It is one of the lucrative businesses that can give you extra money as a stay at home mom. Even if you don’t want to start the business on a large scale, you can start by producing small chops and selling it on your street. One good thing about this business is that you can manage your time yourself and still be productive.

To achieve success in the catering business, you’ll need to be knowledgeable on how to bake, produce small chops and their likes hence a skill is necessary. You can get the needed skills from catering school or even online as the case may be. It doesn’t require much time to get the needed skill.

7. Dry Cleaning Services

Another lucrative business you can do as a stay at home mom is the laundry business. It is my utmost conviction that most moms in Nigeria are used to washing their kid’s clothes; hence you can turn your laundry experience to cash by starting a dry cleaning business. Interestingly, there are no special skills or techniques required, just know how to remove stains from clothes and iron clothes, and you’re good to go.

You can decide to start the business using part of your residential building as a shop if you don’t have money to get a shop, hence it is an inexpensive business that you can start with a very little capital and still earn a living from it.

To win the hearts of your customers, ensure that you offer excellent laundry service and deliver within time specification. To start laundry services, you will need laundry equipment like detergents, hangers, washing machine, electric pressing iron, dryers and many more.

8. Popcorn Business

Popcorn business is another lucrative business idea for stay at home moms.  This is a business people look down upon, but it is very lucrative.   As a stay at home mom, you can start a popcorn business with that little of money you’ve and turn it into a huge amount in a matter of months.

There is no advanced skill required; though you can enroll for a month of mentorship to get proper guidance on how to produce popcorn. But the truth of the matter is that it is quite simple to produce popcorn. To outsmart your competitors, you can spice your popcorn with chocolate and even milk to make it more yummy and palatable.

Starting this business requires you to conduct a proper survey within your vicinity to identify busy areas with lots of human and vehicular movement because this business thrives most in a busy area. It is easy to start a popcorn business and the startup capital is not too much.

9. Bead Making Business

Do you have the passion for craft?  Then consider starting a business in bead making. Beading involves producing bags, necklace, hand lace etc by joining beads together.

It is one of the most lucrative business ideas for stay at home moms because it is stress-free and you can produce them at your leisure time. In Nigeria, there is always a high demand for beaded products since it adds beauty to ladies who use them. Not only that, beaded products are also needed in different traditional rites across different ethnic groups in Nigeria hence making the business highly profitable.

With minimal knowledge, you can start a bead business with little capital. At start, you may not even need a shop hence it is quite cost effective to start.

10. Become A Hairdresser

If you’re passionate about fixing hairs and detail oriented too, then hairdressing business can be a great business idea for you. Although the business is very lucrative, it is competitive in Nigeria, hence you’ll need to get the necessary skills so that you can offer excellent service to customers.

Getting the hairdressing skills is not tedious, you can get it from Youtube or you can enroll for a six months apprenticeship to get the full knowledge. Meanwhile, since different hairstyles keep popping up daily, it is best for you to stay updated with the current hairstyle trend to enable you to meet your customer’s demand.

To start a hairdressing business, you will need the following tools such as shears & scissors, round brushes, vented brushes, paddle brushes, hair cutting capes,wide-toothed combs etc.

11. Foodstuff Business

Selling food stuff is one of the many lucrative business ideas for stay at home moms.  Why? Demand for food is inelastic because it is one of the basic neccessities of life.  Hence, it is one business you can never go wrong with.

Survey your vicinity to know what people need.  Bridge the gap and start making money.  You can travel to distant villages and buy these food items at a cheap price and then resell it at a higher price in your area. Some of the foodstuffs you can consider selling are beans, rice, yam, garri, potatoes, spices etc.  All you need to do is to identify the particular foodstuffs that are in higher demand and startup with it.

Unlike other business ideas that may require skills or techniques, foodstuff business doesn’t require any special skill.  Just get a shop and stock it up with foodstuffs and you’re good to go. The startup capital is totally dependent on your budget because you may decide to start a small, medium or large scale foodstuff business depending on your financial capacity.

12. Selling of Fairly Used Clothes (Okirika)

Currently, fairly used clothes are in a high demand due to the costly nature of new clothes. So, many people in Nigeria have resorted to buying second cloth since they can’t afford new cloth.

As a stay at home mom, you can take advantage of this trending business by starting okirika business.  This is a business you can start with very little capital scale up to big businesses.

There is no skill required.   However, it will pay if you get mentored by somebody who is already in the business.   There’s a trick to learn in every business.  You get to learn where you can buy the second hand clothes at wholesale price and resell it to make your money.

Final Words

Here you have it: 12 Lucrative Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms in Nigeria.  As highlighted, these businesses are easy to start, require minimal investment, are scalable and above all very profitable.  However, business generally require careful planning if you want to succeed.

Hence before you start any of the business discussed here; it is important you conduct a due diligence. Survey your environment to ascertain the needs of people, then offer them solutions to by starting a business that supply the need.







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