$3000 A Month Business Without Capital

Business Without Capital

What if I told you that there is a business you can start right now without investing anything?

Well not exactly. At least you must invest your time. But certainly a business you can start without capital. Would you be interested?

I guess you would.

A lot of people call me to ask for my advice on businesses they can start with little or no money.

You see, lack of money is the major reason a lot of potential entrepreneurs don’t get started. But it doesn’t have to be so. I think the major reason most people don’t get started in business is due to lack of information.

If you have information, you will have knowledge. And if you have knowledge, you will know that there are strategies you can use to begin your entrepreneurial journey without putting down money.

Information is power. And today, you will get that power. And if you carefully apply the information I’m about to share with you now, you would have started your journey to making up to $3,000 every month in pure income.

That’s roughly 1,500,000 Nigerian Naira. N1.5 million every month. Without investing anything but your time. And the best part is you can do this business completely from home.

What’s this Business?

This is not networking.

It is not pyramid scheme.  You don’t have to create one leg here and another there to grow in this business

No body will ask you to buy any product.

You don’t even need to use the service personally.

But you have to know how to sell!

Yes, you will be selling a service. Financial Services!

Those who trade securities online are always looking for better platforms to use.  They may be trading forex, cryptocurrencies, gold, stocks and other forms of CFD’s.

Leverage on this need and build a thriving advisory services business simply by introducing traders to one of the best platforms in the market.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

You earn from every trade executed by your clients.  And continue to earn as long as the client continue to trade on this platform.

This is the beauty of being an INTRODUCING BROKER to Infinox.

About Infinox

Infinox is a leading global brokerage services firm; providing access for traders and investors around the world to one of the best securities trading platforms.

The company is one of the most famous CFD contract brokers that provide trading solutions for active intraday traders, scalpers and novices in the foreign exchange market.

With Tradeland, customers have access to the most advanced trading platforms with low latency connectivity and excellent liquidity.

Tradeland is revolutionizing online CFD trading, where online traders now have access to pricing and liquidity previously available only to investment banks and high net worth individuals.

Who Is An Introducing Broker?

An Introducing Broker or IB is an individual or company who works to create a client base of active traders and investors for a licensed financial services firm.

He is an authorized partner or agent of the firm and he gets all necessary software, support, advises and directions for attracting clients.

An IB can use his own unique method to attract clients.  He is at liberty to set up his office, employ people and deploy his own infrastructure if he chooses to.

He gets commissions based on completed trading process of their clients. The more clients and more trading operations completed, the more commission he gets. The volume of his income keeps growing with no limit.

Why Become Infinox Introducing Broker

Partnering with Infinox as an Introducing Broker is a sure step to setting up a profitable finance business without having to commit money as an initial investment capital.

Most importantly, you have an attractive partnership terms, that if you actively follow, will help you earn up $3,000 every month

  • You get paid up to $10 per lot on your client’s trades
  • Every transaction generated by your referral earns you a generous commission
  • You have free access to advanced fund and account management tools
  • Get free training and business development help offered by highly trained experts
  • Access to a wide range of ready-made marketing materials.

How Infinox IB’s Make Up to $3,000 A Month

Some Infinox Introducing Brokers make as much as $3,000 every month in commission.  There are IB’s who make much more.


Infinox operates one of the most generous IB programme in the industry. They pay their partners on the basis of trading volumes generated by their clients.

So let’s assume there are 100 clients you introduced to the Tradeland platform and each is actively trading with a $10,000 account.

$10,000 x 100  =  $1,000,000

$1,000,000 actively traded can generate 1000 lots monthly.  Assuming Tradeland pays you $3 per lot, that translates to $3,000.

Every single month.

And it gets better as your client base grows!  Some IB share revenue 50/50 with the Broker

Become an Introducing Broker now

Who Is This Business For?

Anyone can become an Infinox Introducing Broker.  Any one!

Particularly, if you are a:

  • Money and Business Blogger/Content Creator
  • Trainer and Coach
  • Financial Mentor
  • Signal Provider
  • Investor Community
  • Online Course Creator
  • Trading Academy
  • Financial/Investments Consultant

School leavers, unemployed graduates, professionals looking for side income and anyone with entrepreneurial mind who is looking for a business to start without capital, are welcome.

No special education required.

Tradeland offers regular training to its IB’s to help them understand the nitty gritty of the forex market, manage clients and grow their business.

How to Become A Infinox Introducing Broker

It’s easy.  In just four simple steps, you can  become a Tradeland Partner and start making money quickly.

Here’re the steps to take:

#1.  Register –  Fill in the form here  and provide your personal details.

#2. Verify your profile by logging in to your dashboard to provide further details and upload relevant documents.  These documents are to further verify your profile.  They may include your means of ID such as Driver’s license, national ID or international passport.  You will also need to upload a proof of your address.

#3.  Activate your IB Account –  On your dashboard, enter the IB area and activate your account.  Click the referral button and copy your IB link and start promoting.

#4.  Track your clients’ business – Automatically, you can track the business your clients are doing in the secured IB portal.

What You Do As Infinox IB Business Owner

All you are required to do is introduce traders and/or investors to the Infinox brokerage platform.  The more active your clients are in terms of trading, the more you earn.  In order words, you are not earning any commission on client deposit but on the amount of business the client does on the platform.

Market, Advertise, Sell:

Infinox will provide you with plenty marketing materials.  Use this materials to attract clients.  You also are at liberty to use your methods to market clients.  Some IB’s hold seminars and investors’ events, organize training sessions, do radio jingles and use the social media to promote and attract clients.  Tradeland will usually give you support to implement genuine marketing efforts.

Introduce clients

to open and fund their trading accounts with Infinox using your unique IB tracking code.


As soon as your clients start trading on their accounts, you start earning.  Your earnings are credited in real time and on trade by trade basis.

What are you waiting for.

There’s no better formula to create a lucrative business venture than this.  Register to partner with Infinox as Introducing broker and start your journey to building a $3000 A Month Business without Capital.

Final Words

Result is not typical.

This is because we react differently to information.  Some may decide to take action after reading this.  Others will simply gloss over it and work away.

What you do with it is a matter of personal choice.

If you are one of the few that will want to take action, I encourage you to do so.  Once you register, let me know via email: kobotalkng@gmail.com.

The Nigerian office of Infinox agrees to an ongoing training for KOBOTALK readers who sign up to their IB programme. You will also get other incentive to motivate you to success in this business.

Go here to register.