5 Lucrative Online Business You Can Start With No Money In 2021

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The world is becoming more digital than before; you may not really have any reason to complain of unemployment as there are actually several numbers of lucrative online business you can start even without having to spend any

The Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, really proved with more facts that one can actually make a living while staying indoors, working online from home.

So, have you been looking for a lucrative businesses that can give you financial freedom? Then this post would really be of great help.  Here I highlight 5 lucrative online businesses you can start right now, even if you don’t have money

But first;

What Are Lucrative Online Business?

Online business is a type of business that is exclusively run in the internet. It means you may not really need to have a shop, or any physical position before you start an online business.

Years before now, the name “online business” has been making waves in the internet; many people are always searching for one online business or the other that would be bringing passive income on their table.

The truth is that there are countless number of online business that you can hear today, but it is always discouraging that only few are always reliable.

But I would assure you that the ones presented in this article, are one of the easiest and the most lucrative online business you can ever think of.

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What Are The Requirements To Start These Lucrative Online Business?

One of the most interesting things about these lucrative online business is that they don’t require anything to get started. Your money is not required; they are not the type of business that people would always ask you to bring a certain amount of money to get started.

Some people may really think that one must have a computer before starting these lucrative online business, but it may be interesting to know that only your mobile phone with internet connection can start bringing passive income on your table through these lucrative online business.

5 Lucrative Online Business You Should Try In 2021

1. Write On Opera News Hub
2. Write On Scooper News
3. Sell Your Skills
4. Make YouTube Videos
5. Sell eBooks on Amazon KDP

Write On Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub is a news platform that was launched in 2019, and since then has really lifted many writers out of financial difficulties. Writing on the platform is no doubt, a very lucrative online business that one can do
in Nigeria.

The platform pays her writers monthly based on the number and performance of the articles they are able to publish within a month.

When Opera News Hub was launched, they used to pay their writers based on clicks and engagements on their articles; but for now, they have some other criteria for determining the writers monthly pay.

These criteria could include: quality of articles, reading time, quality of account, and so on.

Just as said earlier, joining the platform doesn’t require anything or cost. As long as you can write any type of articles; including politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, health, and so on; then you are good to go.

The interesting thing is that there is no limit of amount of money you can make on opera, your hard work determines the amount you can make.  It may really be mind-blowing to tell you that some writers made up to N500,000 on opera in the month of June, 2021.

You can go to hub.opera.com to register and start earning on Opera News Hub

Write On Scooper

Scooper is another news platform similar to opera news hub. but the difference is that Scooper pays the writer a fixed amount ($0.8) for any published article.

Sell Your Skills

If you have any relevant skill, then you may really be lucky as you can actually turn your skills to a lucrative online business.

These skills could be graphics, painting, coding/programing, SEO, public speaking, and many more.

There are many platforms where you can advertise your skills and put them on sale. These platforms include: fiver, UpWork, or even your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

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In this, once you let people know about what you are good at; then your clients would always be ready to hire you as long as you can deliver what is required.

Make YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos is another lucrative online business that can really change your financial status.

If some Nigerian comedians or artists like Mark Angel, or Davido should tell you how much they earn on YouTube everyday; then you would open your mouth and forget to close it.

My research shows that YouTube pays average of $18 pay 1000 ads views; meanwhile you only need at least 1000  subscribers on your YouTube channel to start making cool money from your videos. These videos could be comic videos, tutorial videos, and any for of videos that can be of value to people.

Sell eBooks on Amazon KDP

Searching for a lucrative online business today? then publishing e-books on amazon KDP would really be another nice option.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s book publishing platform where you can publish your eBooks and sell to millions of audience across the world.

If you are good at anything, then you can write eBooks in form of comprehensive guides and start selling to people that would seriously need such guides.

Publishing your eBooks on Amazon KDP is totally free, but you will the platform would always collect about 30% for  every sale you make.

Here you have it 5 lucrative online business you can start with no money in 2021.  It is important that these businesses are not get rich quick schemes.  Results are not typical.  If you work hard and smart at it, you will achieve great results.

Do you know of any other lucrative online business once can start with little or no money? Feel free to share it with us.

Nwegede Sunday

Nwegede Sunday is a blogger and online entrepreneur.  You can read more of his works at www.naijaventure.com

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