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What Kobotalk Is All About


Welcome to kobotalk.com, your business ideas, investment and income opportunity website.

I am excited to have you visit me here.   I created this website to help entrepreneurs, business people, novice investors and other individuals with resources, guide, and market intelligence that will help them start and grow their own businesses as well as make money wisely, manage money wisely and protect their wealth. 

The first law of wealth is to create value, then exchange that value and earn a reward in return.  Creating wealth takes courage to start, patience to grow, faith to accomplish and grace to excel.  In doing this, your primary asset is knowledge. The content of this blog have been carefully researched to equip you with that knowledge.

What to Expect

So, if you were searching for information to help you understand how to start your own small business or if you already had one and you were looking for actionable insights to help you gain understanding on how you can grow your business, you have come to the right place.  

If on the other hand, you are searching for market intelligence and resources to help you invest profitably in the financial markets, be it stocks, bonds and money market instruments, you will also find our insightful articles, tools and guides very useful. 

For that individual whose interest is to earn passive income through legitimate opportunities, you will also get insights on legitimate online and offline income schemes to help you make money even while you sleep.


Why Us          

The kobotalk team comprise of entrepreneurs and professionals in investment management, business management strategy, consulting, accounting and IT who not only run their own businesses but have worked with quite a number of small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals to understand the needs of business people, whether it is capacity building, strategy design, business planning, systems installation and implementation, accounting and record keeping, investing money, customer acquisition and retention or business ideation and market identification.

I and my team spend considerable amount of time to conduct our research and investigate successful businesses and investment tools, as well as not so successful ones with a view to identifying what make one business or investment fail and that which make another succeed and present this knowledge to guide those aspiring to become entrepreneurs and investors. 

Your responsibility is to read and take action by avoiding the pitfalls and replicating the steps taken by people who had succeeded before you. In order words, we do the research for you; you apply the results.

While our contributors and editorial staff go the extra mile to provide useful intelligent guide in the form of published materials found on this website, we know that situations exist which may require personal or one-on-one guidance. 

In this wise, should you require assistance with practical matters like business plan writing, strategy development, business registration, market research ,or you if you need help with investing in stocks, bonds, treasury bills, etc; feel free to consult with us


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