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I and my team provide writing and consulting solutions to business organizations, NGOs, public sector institutions and high networth individual in the following areas of engagement: Feasibility Studies and Business Plan Development – if you are setting up your business in any sector of the economy and require a well articulated business plan and/or feasibility studies suitable for presentation to prospective investors, banks, venture capitals and other fund provides, we are on hand to work with you. Business Proposal Writing – to help you bid for that project or contract with multinational organisations, public sector entities, International NGOs, etc Content…

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Grow Your Business

How to Start A Business In 12 Easy Steps

Many people have the aspiration but very few know how to start a business.   Being your own boss gives you an exciting feeling but to so many people, the excitement disappears as soon as they start.  The reason is simple: many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t take the right steps in developing their business ideas, hence many businesses fail for this reason. How then do you start a business that succeeds? This is the exact questions I provided answers to in the following paragraphs. #1 THINK THROUGH YOUR IDEA. A poorly conceived business will fail.  At this stage, you may have a…

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What Kobotalk Is All About Hello,  Welcome to kobotalk.com, your business ideas, investment and income opportunity website. I am excited to have you visit me here.   I created this website to help aspiring entrepreneurs, business people, novice investors and other individuals with resources, guide, and market intelligence that will help them start and grow their own businesses as well as make money wisely, manage money wisely and protect their wealt.  The first law of wealth is to create value, then exchange that value and earn a reward in return.  Creating wealth takes courage to start, patience to grow, faith to accomplish…

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