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Investment You Can Make With 5000 Naira

5 Investment You Can Make With 5000 Naira In Nigeria

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are reading this piece, you are probably wondering what you can do  with 5,000 Naira.  It’s small and to some people, it’s a change they can easily spend at the bar. But 5,000 Naira can get you started if you are serious about investing. Of course, you should...

small business ideas

15 of the Best Small Business Ideas to Start In 2022

Reading Time: 10 minutes Looking for small business ideas to start in 2022 and beyond? Here’s a list to choose from. Why start a business?  Simple answer! Unemployment is not abating. The impact of Covid-19 is still heavy and factories are either closing down or down scaling operations.. Consumer spending is also lowering.  However,...

business ideas for women

Top 20 Low-Cost Business Ideas For Women In Nigeria

Reading Time: 13 minutes More and more women are taking to entrepreneurship. This is because of the many benefits it offers, Here’s is a list of 20 business ideas for women. Many of theses business can be done from and therefore suitable for women who wants to balance their home and career responsibilities.

Money Saving Strategies

Top 12 Best Businesses For Students In Nigeria

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are you a student, looking for ways of earning money? stick around and let me show you some of the best businesses for students in Nigeria. Meanwhile just as  Facebook  was started by Mack while in school, there’s this business you can start completely free, without investing any money but...

Businesses You Can Start In USA

15 Businesses You Can Start in USA as a foreigner (Full details)

Reading Time: 9 minutes The United States of America (USA) is a country of interest. There are possibly just a few people who wouldn’t want to live there.  The reason is very obvious.  It has arguably the strongest economy in the world.  It’s democracy is stable.  Opportunities abound greatly and easily accessible to all....

best businesses for students in Nigeria

5 Lucrative Online Business You Can Start With No Money In 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes The world is becoming more digital than before; you may not really have any reason to complain of unemployment as there are actually several numbers of lucrative online business you can start even without having to spend any capital. The Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, really proved with more facts that...

oil and gas industry

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Oil and Gas Industry

Reading Time: 9 minutes The processing of oil and gas resources is very complex and require heavy investment in technology, money and skill.  It’s no wonder that when oil and gas industry is mentioned, what readily comes to mind are the major oil producing companies like Chevron and Mobil.  What many may not know,...

Condemned Battery

How to Make Money Collecting and Selling Condemned Batteries

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hundreds of thousand tones of used batteries are scrapped or discarded annually. Only a few proportion of this is recycled. There is huge opportunity for smart entrepreneurs who are considering to venture into battery recycling business. Also is the business of collecting and selling condemned batteries to recycling facilities. This post tells you how you can start collecting and selling condemned batteries for cash.