10 Ways to Make Money This Christmas Season

Celebrated in about 160 countries, Christmas is arguably the most celebrated festival in the world.  Though a Christian rite observed in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christmas season has a universal appeal. Its universal appeal stems from the fact that the period coincides with the end of …

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How to Start A Block Industry In Nigeria

Block making (commonly called block industry) business can be a very profitable venture.  It is funny to me that some people still think that block making is a vocation for the uneducated and unskilled.  To the contrary, it is a lucrative business that can be scaled to become a large …

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How You Can Make Money With Watermelon Farming

If you are looking for a lucrative agribusiness to start this year, why not consider watermelon farming.  You know it, that juicy, refreshing fruit containing a very large quantity of water.  In fact, watermelon is about 93% water and contains essential vitamins C, B, and A.  It is high in …

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