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dividend paying stocks

Top 10 Dividend Paying Stocks On Nigeria Exchange Ltd (NGX)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dividend is very important to income investors. It should also be important to other types of investors because dividend payment is one factor that features in stock valuation. Apart from that, dividend can be a source of stable income stream and companies that pay consistent dividend benefit from rising stock prices. We show in this article, 10 publicly traded companies in Nigeria that pay consistent dividend to share holders.

Best Cryptocurrency

20 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2022

Reading Time: 9 minutes What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in now, next year and beyond? You see, more people are getting to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies. A recent survey showed that 4% of US workers quit their jobs after gaining financial freedom from crypto investing. Another 7% affirm that they know...

dividend paying stocks

Mutual Fund In Nigeria – The 12 Best You Can Buy Now

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mutual fund is a collective investment scheme which allows investors to invest in a professionally managed diversified asset portfolio.  This diversified portfolio may ranges from stocks, bonds, treasury bills, real estate, etc. under the guidance of a professional manager. Mutual fund in Nigeria is growing rapidly.  Very suitable for retail...

investment risks

7 Types of Investment Risks You Need to Know And Watch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Risk is a fact of life.  It’s the possibility of something bad, something unexpected happening.  Everything we do bears some level of risk.  There is life risks, business risks, relationship risks and yes, investment risks. However, all around us we see offers that promise to give us so much in...

Financial Advisor

7 Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Reading Time: 5 minutes A financial advisor (also financial adviser) is a finance professional who provide advice to help individuals and corporate organizations reach their financial goals.  He researches the markets and recommends a combination of products or investments to meet his client’s immediate and long term financial objectives. These goals may range from...

FGN Bonds

FGN Bonds: What They Are And How you Can Invest In Them

Reading Time: 4 minutes Note: As at the time of writing this post, rates are generally low.  Yield on 10 Year FGN Bonds is 4.6%  and the coupon on FGN Savings Bond  is 2.5% p.a.  In an environment where inflation is at 13.22% (10/20), these may not encourage capital flows to this asset class. ...

Forex Brokers

5 Reliable Online Forex Brokers for African Traders

Reading Time: 6 minutes More and more Africans are taking to online trading of currency and other derivative instruments such as stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies to earn a living.  However, a major challenge most African traders face is getting reliable Forex brokers to deal with.   Unfortunately, the majority of Forex brokers hardly accept traders...

Agricultural Investment Platforms

Best 20 Agricultural Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Reading Time: 10 minutes Before you proceed, Note: Agritech as part of the entire fintech ecosystem is in its early stages of development and remains under regulated.  Thus the risk rating of investing in these firms is high.   And in recent times there has been reports about some agrictech firms defaulting on their obligations...

Ponzi Schemes

How to Identify Ponzi Schemes and Avoid Them

Reading Time: 9 minutes In 2019 US federal and state authorities identified roughly 60 active ponzi schemes with investors funds estimated at $3.5 billion. The largest within the last decade.   There’s therefore a growing concern that there may soon be a massive burst. This post explains how to identify ponzi schemes and it is...