7 Key Items to Evaluate In Annual Report and Accounts

The annual report and accounts is one important document that you are entitiled to receive from your company every year as a shareholder.  It is prepared by  managment at the end of every fiscal year to give a summary of the company’s activities for that fiscal year and a projection for the coming years. Share holders are invited by the …

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What Is Emotional Investing and How to Deal With It

Many people who fail to achieve some level of success in investing in the financial market do not realize that allowing their emotions to influence their decisions may be the reasons they are not getting expected results. This post highlights the negative impact your emotions may be having on your investing experiences and points you to how to overcome it.

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How to Open A CSCS Account and Trade Stocks In Nigeria

Whether you are investing in the shares of quoted companies, or in unquoted shares traded at the OTC platform or you are investing in government bonds; you should have a CSCS Account. Why? It is a requirement for investing in securities traded in Nigerian capital market CSCS is the primary depository service provider for the Nigerian capital market The Securities …

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