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Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone

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You can absolutely make money with your smartphone.

If you have a smart phone and some data subscription, you can earn good passive income by taking advantage of the many money making apps available at Android and iOS stores. 

All you need do is download the mobile app of your interest and complete simple tasks as may be required.  These tasks may be to participate in a survey, watch short videos, play games or do such other simple things for which you may not spend more than 10 minutes doing.

So rather than use all your data to socialize why not  covert that smartphone of yours to a cash machine by using any of these apps available online.

In no particular order, here is a list money making apps you can start using right away to make money with your smartphone.

#1.  Money App – This app claims to be the best reward app available.  You are required to complete simple tasks like take a survey, watch videos, play free games, give opinion, test a service or product, endorsement, etc. New tasks and features are added almost daily so you do not run out of opportunities to make money.

The more tasks you accomplish the more credit rewards you accumulate and you can cash out at any time using Paypal. Download Money App from the Google Play Store or access desktop version.

#2.  Foap – If you are skilled in photography, then foap is the app you need to make money.  All you need do is download this app from the Google Play Store or iTune, upload your collection and sell all over the world through the foap market place. You get 50% of the revenue from every photo sold and you can cash out through Paypal. Before starting to sell your collections, ensure to have your email confirmed and your Paypal account connected in the foap app. To make money on this app, you have to have a large portfolio of photos.  Each image is sold for US$10 of which you have 50% or US$5. So you can plan on how much you want to earn by uploading quality photos that brands will find appealing.

#3.  Cash Pirate – Some reviews rate this app as the No. 1 best paying app. It is fund to use and has over one million downloads.  Cash Pirate awatrds you coin for performing some activities like downloading and trying free apps and games, taking a survey, watching short promotional videos, trying and reviewing products and referring friends. Once you have accumulated enough Pirate coins, you can swap the coins for a reward which may be Amazon gift cards, iTunes, Steemit or cash via Paypal.  Download app from play store or iOS, sign up, collect enough coins by performing assigned tasks, redeem your reward or swap for cash and refer friends.

#4.  Clashot –  Another app to monetize your photos. It works much the same way as foap but they claim that their photos can sell for as much as US$80 for which you get 50%.  Clashot photos are sold at depositphotos where media operators, IT specialists, marketers and others go to buy images.  Take photos in any subject area of your interest, upload for free using clashot and get it marketed and sold at depositohotos.

#5.  Earn Money – Complete simple tasks using this app such as surveys, product testing, reviews, watch videos and play free games and get paid via payal after you have accumulated rewards. Easy money developers claim they guarantee high earnings because of the direct deal they have with their advertisers which ensures that pay higher than other money apps.

Download and install the  Earn Money app on your mobile phone and you will be a list of tasks to perform.  Select a number of tasks that appeal to you, complete these tasks or as many as possible and request your free gift and in less than 48 hours receive your payment or gift cards.

#6.  Watch and Earn – This is a video app that pays cash to her community for sharing and watching videos.  Capture personal or special moments on video using the app, edit the videos, addit filtrers, stickers and special effects; share with your community and get rewards.

Watch and Earn app have been around for sometime, has serveral reviews and downloaded over a million times but in my review I found that some users are not satisfied with the app due to recurring technical hitches and the fact that most of them earn little over time.

#7.  Make Money – Free Cash App: With this app you accumulate credit by watching videos, testing new apps, taking surveys or testing other services that their network of advertisers may require.  You convert your credits to cash which you can withdraw via paypal. Make Money – Free Cash App has recorded over one million downloads on Google Play Store, has 397,000 reviews and  is arguably one of the most popular make money app in the market with so many positive reviews by people who have used it. However, to earn 5 dollar you may be needing up to a thousand points. 

#9. Tribe Influencer – This app gets brands to pay you to showcase their products in your posts.  All you need do is tag their products in your posts and you get paid. But this is not just for everybody. You must have a minimum of 3000 followers to be considered influential enough to be approved. At the moment this app supports only Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So if you have a large following on any of these platforms, why not monetize your crowd with Tribe Influencer.  All you are required to do is browse the briefs of your brands and choose one you want to work with, create a posts in your own words, publish and get paid upon approval.

#10. Storm Play –  With over 1 million download and over 640,000 reviews, this app offers you free cryptocurrency in exchange for a bit of your time. If you ever wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, using this app may be the opportunity to start.  How? Downlaod Storm Play onto your android device, create an account and start completing tasks, such as trying out new games, products and services then get rewarded with free bitcoin, altcoin or entherium deposited into your crypto wallet

To maximise your earnings, complete as many task as possible. When you are ready to withdraw, finalise your account and set up your wallet and select from the cryptocurrency of your choice.

In addition to the rewards you get by installing and use these apps, most of them also have referral programmes that pay you additionally for referring your friends and others to use the app. 

We spend enormouse amount of time on our smartphones.

Doesn’t it make sense that we gainfully spend this time doing what earns us money rather than chatting and gossiping. So learn to make money with your smartphone. It may well be your step to starting a viable online business.

I sincerly think, it does!

While it is not guaranteed to replace your day job, at least what you earn by engaging 30 minutes of your time every day using these apps, can pay the cost of your data subscription.


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