Free Home Based Business Advertising Space

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Free Home Based Business Advertising SpaceFree business advertising list your business on Socialpolitan. It's effective and easy. 100% FREE! Socialpolitan is a very powerful networking community. This community has the power of YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match and Facebook all in one. Here you can find like minded people from all over the world. Make Connections, Promote Your Company, Promote Your Products, Promote Yourself.

Sites Features:
  • Audio/Video Chat - Group chat with a/v conferencing for an unlimited number of users.
  • Audio/Video Instant Messenger - One-to-one private messenger with live audio/video streaming.
  • Audio/Video Recorder/Player - Members can record videos and upload them to their profiles. 
  • Web Presence - Who's online and online friends tracker integrated with IM. 
  • Whiteboard - Real-time streaming whiteboard.
  • Desktop - Downloadable application integrated with IM, Chat and Presence. 
  • Music Player - Let members upload, manage and stream music from their profiles.
  • Private Email - Email member profile. 
  • Forums/Message Boards - Online discussion boards.
  • Guestbook - Each member has a guestbook. 
  • Photo Gallery - Members can upload photos to the photo gallery. 
  • Video Gallery - Members can upload videos to the video gallery.
  • Shoutbox - One more place to communicate on the site and even leave feedback. 
  • Create Your Own Blog -Photo upload, member can create different categories, permissions, comments.
  • Groups - Connect with others with same interest. 
  • Events - Share events with the community.
  • Classifieds - Free classified ads.
  • Get Socialpolitan's Toolbar & Stay Connected
This community is for anyone 18+ no matter what your business interests are.
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Free Home Based Business Advertising Space

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