These 10 High Income Skills Can Make You Rich

High Income Skills
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In his ‘Wealth Triangle’, Dan Lok, identified three pillars that anyone can use to multiply his income and dramatically build long term wealth.  These are high income skills, scalable business and high return investments.  Dan Lok further defined high income skill to be any skill that has the potential to make you over USD10,000 per month.

We are not talking about high income jobs, careers or profession.  We are talking about skills you can take to the market place, deliver value and trade for money.   Having a high income skill is your answer to unemployment.  It’s the foundation for growing your income dramatically at any point in time.

In this post, I highlight 10 such high income skills you can learn now to become successful, earn more money and achieve financial freedom.

And the beautiful part? You can easily acquire these skills.  You need not go to school to get it.  With your mobile phone, data subscription and a few hours of work over a couple of weeks, you can acquire a valuable skill that changes your life for good.

What exactly is high income skill?

High income skills are skills that are:

  • evergreen – they continue to be relevant irrespective of technological and economic changes
  • meet current market demand
  • able to make you earn six figure income consistently

These skills have universal applications.  You can use them in your job, business, trade and profession.  

10 High Income Skills That Can Make You Rich

Observe every successful person around you, you will notice he has one or more of these skills.

#1. Personal Selling 

Sales? Yes! The good old sales skill is a high income skill.  

But you need not be a professional sales person to possess selling skills.  This is because whatever you do, you must sell to succeed.  In some point in your life you must have to sell.  It could be selling your self at a job interview.  Or selling your ideas to your ideas.  Technically, everyone is in sales and those who know how to do it, easily get things done.

Successful entrepreneurs, accountants, engineers, lawyers, traders, tradesmen and even employees on a job are those who know how to sell.  What ever you do either as a side hustle or main business, you must sell it.  Selling skills is what helps you to get paying clients to sustain your hustle.

As more and more people take to entrepreneurship, the need to cultivate personal selling skill become more acute.  

Important sales skills that is a must have include: how to identify and qualify buyers, understanding buyer psychology, handing and overcoming objections and how to close deals. Some people say selling sucks! May be but it is a necessity if you want to succeed at whatever you do.  So learn it.

Up your game by getting a sales certification from the National Association of Sales Professionals

#1. Writing Skill

No, you don’t have to be a writer in the strict sense.  Becoming a professional writer takes more than learning.  And when you tell some people that you are writer, what easily comes to mind is that you are struggling.

But there’s a special kind of writing that is high in demand; a high income skill that you can easily learn to beat poverty for life.  It is called Copywriting.  It is a very old skill that has survived structural and economic changes for centuries.  Copywriting remains relevant today and will continue to be.  Those who engage in copywriting consistently make 6-figure income.

Copywriting is a special kind of writing designed to persuade an identified audience to take intended actions.  This action may be to buy a product or service, subscribe to an email list, download a software, etc.

With this skill you offer independent services to the entrepreneurs and other professional people.  You help them write sales letters, advert copies, produce content for landing pages and websites, produce newsletters or maintain business blogs.  

Learning Copywriting will only take you few hours of study over a couple of weeks.  You can start from the reading and applying the principles set out in these books by master copywriters:

  • Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins
  • The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier
  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert

Scientific Advertising and The Robert Collier Letter book are public domain books meaning that they are no longer protected by intellectual property laws; hence you can download them for free.  A simple google search will lead you to their download links.

Indeed there are resources online to help you learn copywriting for free.  There are also paid programmes that can turn you to a pro. Check out Udemy and Coursera and other similar learning platforms for such courses.

#3. Digital Marketing

No business wishes to be left behind when it comes to taking service offerings online.  The internet is a big market place and you only ignore it at your peril.  An essential strategy for selling online is digital marketing and those who have the skill are hot in demand.

It’s certainly one of the high income skills that is needed in today’s economy and one which will be for a very long time to come.  Digital marketing simply means the use of digital tools to generate buyers’ interest and close sales.  Get digital marketing skills and begin to offer your services to entrepreneurs, companies of all types and sizes, ecommerce operators, government and public institutions.

Common components of digital marketing include social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and content marketing.

Where can you learn it .  Again there are many free and paid online resources you can explore to learn this skill. Visit Udemy, Coursera, Content Machine, eDx, Alison  and the other online learning platforms for a start.

#4. Coding

Coding and programming are high in demand skills in the market now and in future in this era of technology.  As a matter of fact coding is ranked top in high income skills.

If you can write scripts to develop apps, software, portals, and websites, then you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Learn to code using any of these platforms: java, java script, C#, C++, Python, PHP, etc.

Where to learn these things? Several places, including online learning platforms like Code Academy, Udemy, Coursera, Github and Code Avengers amongst others.  And the good thing is you can learn coding for free on some of these platforms.

#5. Data Analytics

Data analytics is an emerging discipline that deals with the complete management of data.  It encompasses the process of data collection, analysis, storage and all the tools used in transforming data for effective decision making.  So the data analyst identifies trends and patterns.  He presents it in a manner to aid business organizations take better decisions.

Data analytics skill one of the highly sort after high income skills because it’s in short supply.    Data Analysts have capacity to evaluate, predict and improve organizational performance. They are needed in finance, investment banking, insurance, and technology, healthcare and marketing. 

If you possess these skills you can either work in some of the industries listed above or provide the service as an independent service provider.  

Where can you learn this skill?  Whatever your background, you can learn data analytics within a few weeks.  As a matter of fact some online course platforms offer free training in data analytics.  Check out for starters.

#6. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important tool of digital marketing.  So some will argue that it’s a subset of digital marketing. However, I believe it can be isolated just like blogging is easily isolated as an independent activity. 

SEO is a high a income skill that is worth learning.  It’s a set of tools and processes that help makes websites visible and rank high on search engines.  With over two billion websites on the web and as website increasingly become important marketing tools, it takes a great deal to rank them. 

The better a website ranks, the more likely that it will appear on searches.  And the more a website appear in searches, the better marketing tool it is. As a result business organizations are prepared to pay to get their websites rank high and appear in searches.

The skills to get websites rank high and presented in searches is what Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is all about.  You see why the skill is highly sort after and it will be so for a very long time.   What you will learn include on page, off page, technical and content optimization.

Learn SEO and set up a system to offer it as a professional service to big, small and medium businesses as well as individuals who operate online stores and other form of online businesses.  

#7. Coaching

People often mistake coaching for teaching.  There’s actually a difference.  Perhaps that’s why one pays higher than the other.  Yes, coaching is a high income skill.  

A teacher impart knowledge and is often in charge of the process of learning.  In coaching, the learner is in charge of the process.  The role of the coach here is to help the learner to learn.  He helps the student improves his performance.  A good coach understands that the learner has a solution to his problems.  But needs help to find the answer.

The demand for coaching services is very high that it is moving towards specialization.  There are life coaches, health coaches, dating coaches, business coaches, and so on.  Identify one area you have interest and develop coaching skills and offer your bridge the yearning gap out there.

#8. Public Speaking

Are you eloquent, persuasive, and are able to motivate people to action with your words.  You have one of the most powerful skills in the word.  One that’s ever green.  It has been and will continue to be.  Public speaking is perhaps, the highest of all the high income skills.

Those who have it and know how to apply it to money making are millionaires.  Some of them are billionaires.  When you read the stories of people who are making fortunes from public speaking, you will realize that talk isn’t cheap

Fortunately, public speaking skills can be learned.  And the skill can be generically applied.  That’s whether you are entrepreneurs, author, public official, coach, influencer or just somebody that has an interesting personality; you can transit to public speaking.  Share your skill, knowledge, experience or expertise in live events and smile to the bank.

It begins with tiny steps.  Niche it down, study the niche, understand it, develop expert level competence and confidence.  Start talking, even if it is for free and keep your eyes on the board.  Paid engagements will soon begin to roll in.

#9. Graphic Design 

Graphic design is a high income skill.  However, you have to be good in your game to be highly sought after.  Graphic designers complete tech projects.  They create images, develop layouts and do illustrations.  Advertisers, digital markers, marketing communicators, and publishers and some of the consumers of graphic design skills.  And they are always willing to pay high for very quality works.

#10. Video Editing and Animation

There’s high demand for video content nowadays.  They are needed for marketing purposes as well as for entertainment.  So the need for individuals with the requisite skills to produce quality video is very high.   The skills needed here are editing, animation, lighting, et cetera.

Animation is emerging fast as an essential element of video production as people increasingly show their preferences for animated entertainment.  In advertising, websites development, mobile apps and online entertainment, animation is taking center stage.  Even in the security and justice, there’s a place for professionals with animation skill.  They are needed as forensic animators to help unravel crimes.

Thus, professionals with animation skills are highly sort after and very well paid.  It is an emerging skill set that can only get better.

How to use these high income skills to make money

Congratulations!  You now know what skills you need to get to be highly sort after, earn well and beat poverty. But you are still wondering how you can use them?

I know that someone like you is reading this post.  

Now there are many ways you can deploy your newly acquired skills and make money in six, if not seven figures.  Here are few of them:

  • Become a freelancer
    becoming a freelance service provider will help you serve different people, charge discriminating fees and make more money.  With freelancing you can work remotely from home and provide your services across the world, using the internet.  Choose one, two or three skills; learn them and become confident.  Then position yourself as the expert you are, announce yourself and start earning fees.  You can use any of the online freelancing platforms or develop your system. 
  • Write an eBook 
    It’s called information product and it’s a big thing.  There are many people who want to know a little of what you have learned.  Write it down, package it and make it available for sale.  The Ebook market is huge and there are many platforms you can use to sell your book.  The thing about ebook is that you can earn passive income from your book for life.
  • Create an Online Course 
     Creating an online course is another great way to sell information.  You can package the skill you have learned as a course to teach others and sell it online.  At the basic form is to create a youtube channel, record quality visuals that deliver value and monetize with ads.  Or you set up a website or use the many platforms available online to sell your course.
  • Start a Consulting Service  – 
    Once you are able to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen skills, its time to use it to help others including businesses and individuals as a consultant.  Consultants help people solve problems with their skills. A lot of businesses are waiting to use your solutions.
  • Start a Blog 
    Starting a blog is a great way of sharing your knowledge and expertise for free and at the same making money with it.  With a blog, you are able to establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert and you will begin to cultivate a followership.  When you have a loyal audience you can then monetize.   Display ads, information products, affiliate sales, offering online courses and coaching are some of the ways you monetize your audience.  Blogging is also a very good way of earning passive income over a very long period of time.

Get creative and think of many other ways of monetizing your high income skills and knowledge.  The opportunities are endless.



Buchi creates content and leads the Team at Kobotalk Management Services; a business development and investment consultancy firm. He provides strategic advisory to help SME's, small business owners and HNI's grow profitable business and make informed investing decisions.

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