How to Make Money Collecting and Selling Condemned Batteries

Condemned Battery
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Condemned batteries can make you money.  As a matter of fact condemned battery business is a big business; one that is little known. What type of battery are we talking about here?  Car, inverter,  solar, electronics, and mobile phone batteries.  

If you are considering a business to start today without investing so much but one which gives high return, then think along condemned battery business.

You will be helping to clean the environment and keep it safe from hazardous materials like lead which is a major chemical in batteries.  In the process, you will be pocketing good cash.

In preparing this post, we spoke to a couple of people who do this business and we found that some of them make as much as 1,000,000 gross income monthly just by collecting and selling condemned batteries.

Something to know about Battery

Battery is a device that stores and dispenses energy.  Using a simple process of chemistry, the device creates a continuous charge. And it powers a whole lot of things: vehicles, electronic devices, industrial equipment, inverter and solar systems.

There’s a strong demand for batteries and this will continue to be the case. One study showed that in the United States, 3 billion batteries are bought every year; while 20,000 to 30,000 tones are discarded.   Many factors are responsible for the booming battery market.  Amongst these are the: transition to cleaner fuel and increase in the demand for electric vehicles.

In Africa, demand for lead acid batteries remain very strong. Driven by increased production of vehicles, tricycles and motor bikes as well as growing wider applications in industrial sectors, the Africa battery market is in for a flux.

Batteries don’t last forever.  They will work for sometime, need to be recharged and eventually will have to be replaced.  When one battery is replaced by another the previous one is discarded.  

Lead acid battery is in dominant use in most parts of the world.  In the United States of America, lead acid batteries represents roughly 80%  of lead production.

It is important to handle batteries with care. This is because its chemical components can be harmful if not properly disposed. Fortunately, scrap or condemned batteries can be recycled and therein lie the business opportunity for discerning investors.

How to Make Money with Condemned Batteries

There are two ways to make money with used or condemned batteries:  Collecting and selling the scraps and battery recycling.  This post is about collecting and selling condemned batteries.  

The other way of making money with used batteries is by recycling it.  Battery recycling is the process of refurbishing used batteries for  re-use or extracting and reprocessing its components to make to make other products.

Battery recycling is a big business that may require huge investment in terms of capital and technology.

Collect and Sell Condemned Batteries

This is a business anyone can do.

It is as simple as it sounds.  Collect the batteries from your neighborhood, gather them  and sell to recycling plants. It really does not require any special skills, training or much capital.  All you need is the zeal and ruggedness to make money out of waste

Those who play big in the business have warehouses with a huge budget on adverts.  

How much can you make? 

As at the time of writing this post, a used car battery can be sold for 10,000 while an inverter battery goes for as high as 15,000.   Think of it.  You can get these for free or next to nothing.

Some of the people in this business we interviewed in the course of putting this post together said that they make up to 1,000,000 a month in gross income.  We think it is possible.  At 10,000 for one, you only need to supply 100 car batteries in a month to the recycling plant to make 1,000,000.

Get creative and engage a couple of scavengers to pick these batteries and supply to you.  Go to large companies and factories and have an arrangement with their Admin departments to pick up their used batteries.  You will be rendering a useful service to them while at the same making money for yourself.

Some officers of the companies may want to sell them to you but compared to what you will make, it is an expense worth incurring.

You may also need a vehicle to pick up your materials or deliver your supplies.  Though if you are a starter you can do without investing in vehicle.  You can hire one each time you want to make take or make deliveries.

Final Words

Some one once said that money is in unusual places.  Another said that cash is on the streets.  You may not understand these statements until you begin to look deep into your environment.  Condemned batteries is one proof of this. 




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Kobotalk is an information website dedicated to providing intelligence and analytics to aspiring entrepreneurs, business people, and individuals interested in investing and making money to ensure their financial freedom


Kobotalk is an information website dedicated to providing intelligence and analytics to aspiring entrepreneurs, business people, and individuals interested in investing and making money to ensure their financial freedom

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