Block Industry Business Manual


In this manual, you will learn all you need to know about starting a block industry, including how much you need to start, how and where to buy your equipment, market and success tips, etc.


Block Industry has become a big business for serious minded entrepreneurs.  Thus, the time is gone when cement block making was viewed as a venture suitable for artisans.  Today, school leavers, college graduates, professional people, retired civil servants, etc., find block industry a viable business to do.

Many reasons account for this.

Block industry business is lucrative.  As a matter of fact, the amount of profit you can make from a properly set up block making factory is only limited by your scale and perhaps and how hard you are able to work on your business.

Apart from the profitability incentive, cement blocks remain the primary walling material in building construction in Nigeria.  The alternatives are not common because they have limited utility in construction.  Therefore, cement blocks are the primary choice for building of residential houses, recreation centres, office, factories and schools and so many other constructions work.

Nigeria population burgeoning population is another factor.  Two hundred and sixteen million people and still counting.  By 2050, the country is estimated to be the third most populated nation in the world with 400 million people.  This means more houses, more schools, more markets, more offices, more recreation centres, etc.

So, demand for cement blocks being the primary input for walling will always continue to grow.  What is needed are quality block makers which is presently lacking.

The market is quite enormous for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest the right amount of money, system and strategy to produce quality blocks for the market. Be that entrepreneur.

All you need to learn about block industry is in this manual, including step by step guide on how to set it up, what equipment you need, how to make quality blocks, where to source your equipment and success strategies, amongst others.













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