Top 25 Online Savings and Investment Platforms In Nigeria to Make Money

Savings and Investment Platforms In Nigeria
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Online savings and investment platforms and apps are some of the positive disruptions in financial services brought about by digital technology. These platforms are helping to drive financial inclusion by making it easier for ordinary folks to plan their finances.

Thus people who hitherto were unable to access financial services due to high thresholds in regular banks are now able to do so.  They can now save, invest, and have access to financial tools to help them live well, be debt free and achieve financial freedom.

In this post, I will show you some websites and mobile apps you can start using today to save and invest money wisely in an automated manner wherever you may be in Nigeria or Africa generally.

What You Need to Start Using Online Savings and Investment Platforms 

All you need to access these savings and investment platforms are your mobile smart phones (android or ios) and similar other devices with a data subscription.  Or your laptop or desk top with internet access. 

In addition, you will need the following:

  • Bank account,
  • Debit card,
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN) and
  • a valid means of identification.

Some of the apps are strictly for savings. Others are primarily investment apps.  A good number of them offer both savings and investing as well as loans. 

A number of these platforms now offer the opportunity for retail investors like you to access the global market.  Thus, with the help of such online investment pltaforms you can invest in matured markets like the USA, UK, China, European Union, and earn dollar denominated returns.

Online Savings and Investment Platforms In Nigeria

savings Apps

These apps and/or platforms provide users with the technology to automate savings, earn high returns. They also offer access to fianancial tools to help users manage their finances.  The saving plans they offer may come in the form of regular savings package, target savings or fixed deposit investments.

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The top apps in this category include:

#1. Carbon

Carbon is a digital financial services provider that has transformed from a simple credit solution to an integrated financial power house with presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

It is a digital bank that offers loans to individuals and businesses, high-yield investment opportunities and financial managment tools.

It also offers market-leading returns on savings packages of upto 15.5% p.a and with a wide range of plans that allows you save as you wish.  The cash vault allows you lock away a bulk cash for a period of time (fixed deposit) starting with as little as N50,000 with generous interest. Flex save is your regular savings account in which you put away as little amount as possible and as often as you wish.

#2. Cowrywise      

This is one of the very popular savings and investment platforms in Nigeria on our list. This platform gives you the opportunity to automate your savings.  You decide how you save and when you save:  daily, weekly, or monthly.  

Cowrywise pays interest of between 10 – 15 percent per annum on your savings.  And this is accrued and credited to your account on a daily basis.  You can withdraw from your savings at any time and also qualify for Cowrywise loans at a cheap rate. 

Cowrywise rates your savings score as you continue to use the platform.  A high savings scores qualifies you to access loans at minimal interest rate on the platform. This platform also offers opportunities for users to invest in Nigerian stocks, mutual funds, treasury bills and other asset classes.  With N100, a user can start investing in the Cowrywise platform.

#3.  PiggyVest 

Formerly, PiggyBank.  It is the first and about the most popular of these savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. According to informtion on its website, Piggyvest gives Nigerians the power to manage their finances by making it more transparent.

You can choose to save small amounts or as big as you can periodically – daily, weekly, or monthly towards specific causes, programmes and projects and earn interest of between 10 – 17 percent,

Or chose to lock away your savings for a particular period of time in the Safe Lock which is equivalent to a fixed deposit account in a regular commercial bank.

You can save between N50 – N25,000 daily, N1,000 – N100,000 weekly and N3,000 – N500,000 monthly and with their quicksave option you can add more funds to your savings at any time to the tune of N500,000 per time.

#4  SmartSaver   

An online savings and investment platform which aim is to make saving money easier, smarter, convenient and secured.  

Set your savings target and approach on daily, weekly, or monthly bases.  Withdrawal is quarterly and your money earns interests far much higher than what you get on a regular bank savings account.

SmartSaver investment savings pays as high as 30 percent per annum while their SuperSave product pays up to 8 percent per annum, quarterly at 2 percent per quarter.

SmartSaver users enjoy the benefit of getting a loan from them without collateral.

#5   Alat

This platform is powered by Wema Bank and can be said to be more than just a savings and investment platform. It is prided to be Nigeria’s first digital bank designed to democratize banking services and make it accessible to all.  Using your mobile phone, you can open an account and start an automated savings programme that pays you up to 10% p.a, 3 times what the bank pays its regular saving account customers.

#6. Kudabank   

Kudabank is Nigeria’s first digital-only bank.  It’s actually microfinance bank with a complimenting digital platform that allows customers to start and complete banking transactions online. 

On the kudabank app, you can save, invest and borrow, all in an automated manner.  Since Kudank is a microfinance bank, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) insures its deposits. 

#7.  Riby   

This app assists individuals and small businesses to save, invest, and borrow money at competitive interest rates.  The platform has modules for different market segments: Riby Cooperative addresses the need of Cooperatives, Associations and Trade Group helping them manage member contributions, savings, and borrowing; Riby Peer lending, which allows peer-to-peer lending and the Riby Saver App which allows users automate their saving.

#8.  Kolopay 

A mobile app that allows you save towards planned target over a period of time.  With kolopay, you can share your savings goals with friends and family so that the also can be part of your plan by contributing towards your goal.  You earn interest on your savings at 6 percent annum.

#9.  I-Invest 

A product of Parthian Partners Ltd, i-invest is a mobile app that helps retail investors buy securities like treasury bills, eurobond and equities without the help of a broker. 

All a user has to do is download the app from Google Play Store or iOS, create and account, fund it and begin to invest in instruments of his or her choice.

The minimum investment is N100,000.  

#10. Jetseed

Jetseed is a platform that allows you to save and plan securely.  With as low as NGN100 you can start using this platform to save and meet specific targets such as: rent payment, pay school fees, meet wedding expenses, purchase household equipment, etc.  The app also provides you with financial planning tools to help you plan and manage your finances.

Apart from helping you save and plan your finances, the Jetseed app also provides you the tool to send and receive money to and from family and friends through a bank account.  This platform is powered by Marvelous MFB, a CBN licensed microfinance bank.

#11. Crowdyvest

Crowdyvest provides a super smart way for individuals and small businesses to save and grow their moeny using the power of digital technology. The the platform’s offerings for individual users helps them create a financial and plan to help them achieve financial freedom.  On crowdyvest, you can create multiple saving plans to meet different life purposes.

Their business offerings provides small businesses with useful plugins to help them scale their businesses. Crowdyvest pays between 12 – 15% p.a. interest rates on their savings plans.  Choose from an array of four plans (Flex, Flex Dollar, Vault and Pace) to achieve your goals.

#12. Vestpay

If you are looking for an optimal way to save, invest, and plan and achieve your goals, Vestpay is the answer.  You can earn interest of upto 15% per annum on this website and can also get easy loans on meeting prescribed criteria.

The platform also offers amazing ROI on its investment products.  It allows you invest in agriculture, real estates and other windows to help you build long term wealth.

This is a relatively new investment app. However, so far it has not had any negative review.

Investment Apps

Investment apps are platforms that helps you invest in array of asset classes, namely stocks, mutual funds and money market instruments.  Some of these apps also allows you to invest in foreign stocks and assets, particularly the United States. Here are some of these apps.

#13. Payday Investor 

The Payday investor is an online investment platform powered by ARM Investment Managers, a Nigerian wealth management company.  This mobile app helps you invest in array of mutual funds for optimal returns.  

You can either create an account on their web portal or download the mobile app on your mobile phone.

For people who are looking for convenient ways to start saving, investing and accumulating wealth, it is now easier with these fintech initiatives.  Review the available online savings and investment platforms service providers and choose the one that most address your needs.


This technology company is a subsidiary of Sankore Investment Ltd, a registered stockbroking firm and dealer member of the Nigeria Stock Exchange.  

With, investing across asset class become very easy.  You can invest in stocks, bonds, treasury bills, mutual funds and real estates just by clicking the relevant button on app.

This app helps you to trade online, the domestic financial market.  Access the platform from wherever you are, from any part of world and pay in any currency.  

#15. LeadTrader

LeadTrader is the online trading app from Lead Capital, a foremost investment banking and brokerage company in Nigeria.  With LeadTrader, users have access to a wide range of investment options, including quoted stocks on the Nigeria Exchange Limited, mutual funds and the Federal Savings Bonds. Download the app, create account, upload relevant documents to get your cscs account, fund your account and start trading or investing in the asset classes of your choice.

It’s as easy as that.

#16. InvestNow

Investnow is a product of United Capital.  The platform offers users the opportunity of investing in the Nigerian stock market and in other asset classes without hazzle.  All you need do is open an account on the website, set up how you want to invest.  This can be daily, weekly, or monthly and select product of interest: mutual funds, stocks or money market funds.

Then allow the fund managers go to work on your behalf.  The platform automates your investment plans and allows you concentrate on other important life needs.  It also gives you access to solid market information and financial planning tools. 

#17. Afrinvestor

Afrinvestor is the digital platform of Afrinvest Securities Limited, one of the top investment bank and brokerage services in Nigeria.  The platform allows investors to trade in Nigerian stocks with ease.  All you need to buy qouted equities is to open an account on the or download the app to your smart phone, create accounts, upload required documents, provide necessary information, fund your account and start buying and selling stocks as you wish.

#18. Mytrade Book

Mytrade book is the online investing platform promoted by Greenwhich Trust Limited, a SEC licensed brokerage company in Nigeria. The platform makes it easy for investors to buy and sell Nigerian equities and other securities such as mutual funds, bonds and treasury bills.

Minimum amount you need to start investing via Mytradebook is NGN10,000 and with this you can access array of blue chip stocks, bonds, treasury bills and mutual funds on the go.

Get started in three easy steps: create an account on the portal, fund your account and start trading.

#19. Yochaa

The Yochaa platform allows you to buy and sell stocks traded on the Nigeria Exchange Limited from the comfort of your home.  Yochaa is not a broker.  It is a technology firm in partnership with Cardinal Stone Securities Ltd.  Cardinal Stone is a Nigerian licensed stock broking firm and it is the firm that provide all brokerage services for Yochaa platform users.

A unique feature of this platform is that it provides users with tools and reach market data to analyse equities to aid investors in stock selection.  It also offers users the tool to track all their investments in one place., as well as to connect and exchange ideas with financial experst and other investors.

#20.  FBN Edge  

FBN Edge is powered by FBN Quest Asset Management Ltd, a member of the First Bank Holdings.  It is a mobile app which provides users access to invest in mutual funds and monitor your investments on the go.  FBN Edge benefits from the expertise of fund managers at FBN Quest to provide good returns to its users.

Invest In US Stocks from Nigeria

In this segment we highlight some of the online investment apps that offers ordinary folks the opportunity to invest in US stocks from Nigeria. The beauty of this is that you can invest in Naira and reap your benefits in dollars.

Here are some the leading apps in this category

#21. Bamboo

Invest Bamboo prides itself as the easiest access route to smart investment options that earns high real returns.  The app or platform makes investment affordable and accessible because it breaks the barriers.  Most importantly, it offers array of foreign equities, particularly US equities and makes it easy for Africans to invest in those equities right from the comfort of their homes in Africa.

Thus, those who are looking for veritable way to hedge against the depreciating value of their local currency, here’s the opportunity to earn in dollar.  With Bamboo, you are able to invest in very profitable US companies like Microsoft, FaceBook, Twitter, Tesla, etc. 

Minimum amount you need to start investing is $20

It takes only a few simple steps to start investing through Bamboo.  Download the app, create an account, upload relevant documents, fund your account and start investing.  You don’t need a broker or any other intermediary to access the market.  

#22. Chaka

Chaka has the record of being the first Nigerian fintech company approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission to offer digital financial services.

The owners say the mission of the platform is to enable every person and business in Africa to access borderless digital investment and wealth management opportunities.  With Chaka you can invest in an array of Naira portfolios as well as foreign assets in blue chip companies around the world.

To get started simply start from downloading the app and following through the process.  With as low as $10 or NGN1,000, you can start nvesting now with Chaka.

#23. Rise

Rise is a simple solution that connects users and give them the access to invest in dollar-denominated investments in mature markets.  The goal is to help retail investors in developing economies and emeging markets moderate currency shocks, effects of devaluation and to enable them earn higher returns on investment.

Rise offers users access to a variety of asset classes including stocks of global blue chip companies, mutual funds and real estates.

Minimum investment you need to start on this app is $10.

#24. Trove

This investing app empowers you to become a global investor with as little as NGN1,000.  Using this app, you can buy into blue chip companies in the United States, China and Nigeria. Apart from stocks, you can also invest in mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Bonds and other Fixed Income Instruments in these countries.

Some benefits you get from using Trove include: simple registration (you open account in few minutes), low entry point (Trove offers fractional investing) and resources to become an intelligent investor.  Fractional investing allows you to buy into high cap stocks with just a fraction of the cost.  Thus, with NGN1,000  or $20 you can get the stock of Netflix  or Microsoft, etc. 

#25. Passifolio

Passifolio is not a Nigerian company.  It is a Francisco based fintech firm that provides reliable, fast, secure and affordable access to global investors to invest in Nasdaq qouted securities, digital assets and dollar income programs.  It offers services through Passifolio Financia and US Bank Accounts is provided by Synapse and its banking partners.

Passifolio affords users to internationalize their financial life in a much more affordable way. You deposit money into your Passifolio Account in your local currency and have the dollar equivallent reflected same day.  However you may incure higher cost due to the different charges that are applied.  This may include: an exchange conversion, a deposit fee and traditional card charges.

Assets that you can trade on the Passifolio platform include stocks and cryptos


Here you have it: Top 25 Online Savings and Investment Platforms In Nigeria. Let me add this: The portals and/or apps discussed here are  based on my review and interview with some users.  I have listed them in no particular order of ranking. 

I strongly advise that you do your own research and due diligence before committing money in any scheme including online savings and investment platforms.  

To your success

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