How to Get Good Stockbrokers In Nigeria

Are there good stockbrokers in Nigeria?  How can I get one?  I hear people ask these questions very often. Many would be investors  are reluctant to start investing in stocks because of the sad stories they have heard about dishonest stockbrokers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to trade stocks without …

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Why You Should Start Investing In Stocks Now

A reader of this blog once asked to know what alternative instrument he should be investing in, giving that yields are falling in the fixed income market. My answer was that he should consider investing in stocks if he wasn’t already doing so. In the same vein, for those of …

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How You Can Make Money by Investing In Mutual Funds

If there is one simple, easy and less complicated way of investing in the financial markets, it is through Mutual funds. It gives just everybody the opportunity to invest even without the sophisticated knowledge that the financial markets demand. It is also one of the most effetive ways one can …

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