How to Invest in Corporate Bonds in Nigeria

One profitable way to make money in Nigeria is by investing in corporate bonds. The Nigerian corporate bonds market is generating quite a lot interest in recent time; unfortunately, most retail investors do not think about corporate bonds when they are considering their investment options. This apathy is not peculiar …

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6 Reasons You Should Start to Invest In Gold

Why should you invest in gold?  This blog post will tell why. Many people are yet to forget the impact of the global financial crisis of  over a decade ago  (2007) and particularly the prolonged stock market meltdown that followed. Investors lost significant fortunes that many vowed not to invest …

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Why You Should Start Investing In Stocks Now

A reader of this blog once asked to know what alternative instrument he should be investing in, giving that yields are falling in the fixed income market. My answer was that he should consider investing in stocks if he wasn’t already doing so. In the same vein, for those of …

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