10 Business Opportunities In Waste Management And How to Start Them

 Business Opportunities In Waste Management? What comes to your mind whenever the expression “waste management” is mentioned?  If you are like most people, it is probably Refuse Collectors or Scavengers that come to mind.  Yes, those people that haul the rubbish from households. Waste management is much more than collecting garbage from your residence.  It is a big industry that …

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10 Ways to Make Money This Christmas Season

Celebrated in about 160 countries, Christmas is arguably the most celebrated festival in the world.  Though a Christian rite observed in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christmas season has a universal appeal. Its universal appeal stems from the fact that the period coincides with the end of the year when social engagements are at their peak. End …

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Effective Steps to Separating Your Business and Personal Finances

What I found common, in my interactions with a good number of entrepreneurs is that they find it difficult to separate their business finances from their personal finances. More often than not the entrepreneur uses proceeds from his business to finance family-related needs.  This practice is a major reason why businesses fail. It is important that entrepreneurs understand the difference …

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