Top 12 Best Businesses For Students In Nigeria

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Top 12 Best Businesses For Students In Nigeria

Are you a student, looking for ways of earning money? stick around and let me show you some of the best businesses for students in Nigeria.

Meanwhile just as  Facebook  was started by Mack while in school, there’s this business you can start completely free, without investing any money but your time right there on your campus.  This business is generating up to $3,000 a month for other students like you who are doing it.  Learn how to become Tradelandfx Introducing Broker and start your journey to financial freedom.

Importance of Starting Your Own Business On Campus

1. You will learn practical skill that may not be thought in school.

2. Reduce burden after you graduate from school.

3. You will have some useful experiences across disciplines beyond what you studied

4. Build strong connection, as you will keep meeting new business partners.

5. Become a CEO.

A man called Jackson Brown once said and I quote;

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Combining schooling with business might be stressful but it will help you if you plan very well for it today. Never allow the business to affect your study.   Find a way to manage both.

Now 12 best business for students in Nigeria are

Here are just 12 businesses you can start while in school.  This list is to just to juggle your brain.

There’s no end to the list of businesses you can start and conveniently run as a student.  Even right from your campus.  As I said earlier, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook while in College.

And I know of a female student who started her plantain chip business in her second year in College.  Today, she manages one of the most popular brands of the products in Lagos with 15 workers.  See?

1. Barbing salon

2. Private tutorial for junior students

3. Sell used books and past questions

4. sell handmade goods

5. Graphic design

6. Baking

7. Photography service

8. Become a YouTuber

9. Blogging

10. Become a Freelancer

11. Phone repairing

12. Become a social media manager

Let quickly look at the above businesses one after another to be able to understand how they work.

Note: These business listed above are the ones that a student can be doing immediately after school activities in campus environment.

1. Barbing salon business

The first on my list of best businesses for students in Nigeria is starting a barbing salon.  You must not have a barber’s shop before you can begin this business.  The major thing that you need is the barbing skill. Then a clipper.

Even without a clipper, you can still do this business as a student.  How? You ask!

As one with barbing skill you can register in any good barbing salon around the campus; have agreement with the shop owner either you will be getting paid daily after work or weekly.   It’s is a win-win for you both because you will bring a lot of your school mates to barb their in there.  You share in the revenue, he keeps his salon running.

You don’t have the skill? No wahla!

Invest in the business then, if you have the money.  Open the salon and look for qualified barbers that will be working for you.  Simple.  In this case, you must design a strong internal control system to ensure that the guy barbing for you does not rip you off.

2. Private tutorial for junior students

This remain by best business that I can advice any student to try on campus because I earned a lot of cash doing this back then in my university days.

Are you good in any subject most especially; statistics, mathematics and English language? If yes! Starting a tutorial for your junior students is your best option.

If you can turn the students grade around that means you will keep receiving new students everyday that come to join the class.

Some parents are too busy to help their children do their homework.  You can take the chance by always helping the kids do their home works while you get paid either monthly or weekly.

If you are in a position to raise some money, open a tutorial center in the city or town where you school.  Render tutorial services for students preparing for UTME, SSCE and other public exams.  If you do it well, your center  can grow to become a full fledge secondary school.

Of course, there are many private primary and secondary schools that started off as tutorial centers.

3. Sell used books and past questions

This is mostly for students in final year, you can start to sell those your old books and past questions that may later end up in waste bin to most students that need it.

Take it a step further by compiling past questions and answers year after year.  It’s a big source of practice materials for students, particularly those preparing for public professional examinations.

4. Selling fruits

Students mostly like to eat fruits like; Apple, pineapple, water melon, cucumber and orange. You buy it cheaply  outside the campus and resell on campus with moderate margin.

Your market is huge once you are known to stock fresh fruits.  This is a business you can do right from hostel.

5. Graphic design

Do you have graphic designing skill? If yes! This is a good business opportunity that you can start immediately in campus with zero capital and you will keep earning daily.

All you just need to begin this business is your PC and mobile phone.  Advertise your business on social media and around the campus and wait and see how different clients will be contacting you if you are good at what you do.

Your clients will come both from within and outside the campus.  They include: lecturers, other students that are doing side businesses, individuals outside the campus and corporate organizations.

You design materials ranging from business cards, wedding invitations, book covers, calendars, gift items.  Name it.  Take it further by partnering with a good a printer.  Thus, you take both the design and printing briefs.  Then see the money flow.

6. Cake Baking business

This business is basically for those that can bake.  Most people need cake for their different events like; birthday, wedding and other special occasions.

If you are good in baking of cake then the door is open for you.

7. Photography service

If you are good in snapping and editing of pictures this business is for you.  Most students usually like to take pictures in the school campus most especially studio pix for their birthday.

You will have to purchase a very good camera and know how to capture events.  You will make more money from making photo books for customers.

8. Become a YouTuber

A YouTuber is someone that creates video content and upload to YouTube.  If you have something interesting that you can be sharing, then it is your chance to create a YouTube channel.  What you can share is numerous – business tips, digital marketing ideas, sex and relationship matters, comedy skits, etc.

Once you are able to cultivate a loyal audience you start to monetize and earn.  You can earn through Google AdSense,  display ads placement from companies and endorsement.

Very successful Youtubers earn six figure income on a monthly basis from their Youtube Channel.

9. Blogging

Blogging business is another lucrative business ideas for students in campus as you can easily be blogging using your PC or mobile phone at home.

Unlike Youtube where you upload video contents, bloggers create a blog where they publish articles for their readers.

You can earn as a blogger by partnering with Google, affiliate marketing and selling your own products.  The same principle apply here.  Create content, cultivate a loyal audience, then monetize.

10. Become a Freelancer

Do you have any high in demand skill? Like article writing, graphic designing, Off page SEO,  link building? If yes,  You can register on platform like Fiver and Upwork and start advertising your service.  You can also different social media platforms to offer your skilled services.

Those that need your service will contact you through the platform.  What you earn will depend on your value proposition and bargaining power.  But you will have a consistent stream of work that will keep you busy and financially strong all year round.

11. Phone repairing

We are in technology age where almost everyone now has a mobile phone which they usually use for making calls, online business etc.

The phone sometimes develop fault and will need an experience person to look at it to know what is wrong with the phone.

For you to start this business it requires that you to learn the skill.

12. Become a social media manager

Who is a social media manager? Social media manager is someone that helps individuals or companies to manage there social media platforms; groups, page etc.

Your major work is to be replying comments, approving posts if any, posting on the platform etc while the company or the platform owner will be paying you.

You can also be helping musicians, actors/actress, social media influencers to manage there pages.


We have been able to point out both offline and online best business for students in Nigeria. Most of these businesses require little or no capital to start.

As a student it is very bad to be broke and still stay idle, remember idleness is not a factor of production.

Feel free to let me know what you think post.  Is there any other suitable business you can suggest for students in Nigeria?  I know there are several of them, feel free to share it with us here, using the comment box.

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